Monday 24 January 2011

Hootsmon Headlines

The roofer came at nine on Wednesday morning and was finished by twelve, narrowly beating the plasterer, who came at eleven on Thursday morning and was finished by three.
And they weren't even Poles...
So, Friday, Saturday and Sunday were given up to the Grandbairns, leaving little time for bugger all else until now.

My brother has a new book out called "The Bookie's Runner". It's special to me as it's about our father who died when I was a toddler.

You can get the kindle version on Amazon.


  1. So at last yer wind and waterproof Conan? Good for you. Now all you have to do is decorate and replace flooring I expect.

    The book sounds interesting. I'm off to have a look on Amazon.

  2. And a whole raft of flatpack furniture too Rosa...

  3. Conan,

    Have you got a copy of the book in your library that I could borrow? Failing that I'll have to ask for an increase in pocket money. Seriously, I'll look for the book with great interest.

  4. Incidentally, did you know that your brother's surname comes from the Viking name for Grey or Gray. Could it be that you have relatives in high places?

  5. Nice one Conan. I meant to wash my face properly, but that blue dye is just a bugger to come off... and that suit would have fitted better if it hadn't been a "hand me down" from my little brother. (Does that make it a "hand me up"?)

    Glad to hear too about your roof repairs.

    The book looks grand. I'll borrow John's copy once he's looked at the pictures and coloured them in.

  6. Kind of suits me then? The surname is from a weel "Kent" place John.

    Tris, where is the nearest curry-hoose and do they deliver?

  7. Dear me, Conan, you'd prefer to be associated with a little English village than the mighty Gray?


    Is your Mum going to read it to you at bed-time? What happened to your Noddy Book?

  8. I think she lent it to you John didn't she?

  9. You're a Good Friend, Noddy

    Noddy and the Bunkey

    Noddy and the Magic Rubber

    Here Comes Noddy Again!

    See whit Big Ears gets up tae...

  10. Aye Conan... I'll not be letting my weans anywhere near your library kiddies section. I'll maybe pop in a borrow them myself... so that Mr Brownlie can look at the pictures you understand.