Thursday 19 March 2009

Mr Thingummy.

So Niko's back where he belongs.

Is this incarnation more like the real Niko?

What do you think?


  1. I think he looks rather sweet, but I'd also suggest he gets his money back from his gym if it's taking the hair off his head. Who wears a hat these days other than a gentleman. Quite good to know there are gentlemen who support the SNP but I always knew that.

  2. Conan fling away the key, don't let Niko on the loose again, keep him locked up.

  3. Yaeh well i look more like ole bob in his younger more muscular days i went to the gym yesterday done some shoulders 32kg dumbbell press (70 pound in old money).............

    Life in the old dog yet i say as for being behind bars i like me old memory foam mattress to much to swap for an old flea infested prison one.

  4. spook if that is youse i was discussing with a Latvian woman today about how male love can just about about appreciating the male physique.
    Without any sexual desire and carnal intention.

    Obviously in youse case i want both Grr!

    you see Unionism distorts your moral compass